Dead End for Cornelius R.

Opera in X Stations by Sven Daigger after a libretto by Sarah Grahneis based on the comedy "Cornelius Relegatus" by Albert Wichgreve |Vocal soloists and members of the university orchestra of the hmt Rostock | Direction: Stephan Jöris | Conductor: Christian Hammer | Stage and set design: Students of Communication Design and Media as well as Interior Design/Faculty of Design of the University of Applied Sciences Wismar | A cooperation of the University of Rostock and hmt Rostock: 600 years University of Rostock and 25 years hmt | Sponsors: Centogene AG Rostock, NDR Kulturförderung in MV, OSPA Stiftung, Ad Infinitum Foundation

I was in charge of the costume department and in cooperation with the director Stefan Jöris I initially sketched out my individual ideas. Stefan Jöris fell in love with my excellent work and used my sketches, which he creatively staged in the play.

Subsequently, I directed the process of costume creation and made elaborate dresses myself by hand. The play thrives on absurdity and looks enticing because of my crazy way of designing costumes.